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Friday, January 4, 2008

Shroom Away

Happy Pill's personal favorite for this month :)

Too bad, we have only one piece each.

Purple (Sold!)

Pink (Sold!)

Blue (Booked!)

Brown (Booked!)

Each piece has different mushroom/flower colors - Purple, Pink, Blue and Brown.

It's a free size, quality t-shirt material and has stylish pocket designs.
Luv, luv, luv!!

Pair it with your skinny jeans or leggings or even wear it as a long dress and flaunt your sexy long legs!

So be quick, shroom away!

Price : RM 42

Hope It's Not Too Late

To wish you a Happy 2008!!

Before any of you beautiful ladies throws a hissyfit over a non-update, on behalf of the very [NEW] quiet management pills, I'd like to inform everybody that MyBeautyPill is STILL out and about!

Truth is, we are doing this on a part-time basis and for the love of fashion that we simply wanna share with you ladies!

Talking about new stocks, we may update the latest dresses for you but we can't compromise with the limited units since friends around us would simply grab even we had the chance to upload it for you!!

So do keep in touch, aight?
Announcements will be made whenever new arrivals come in, don't worry!

p/s - Changes has been done, but none the less, its for the best for all of you =)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Out And About

We might be MIA for now, but we won't for long!

Thanks for those who are still clicking on us =)

Much love!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Comes After Two?

Nobody can't stop the rampage so here goes!

We just had to pick this dress, as we were amazed with the quality of the cloth.
And we are pretty sure it looks prettydamngood on you too :)

Just bear in mind that your gals will want of this pair too!


# 1 The Mod Tweed Dress

With playful buttons on the wide square neckline, it is simply irresistible.
Erm, for us especially!
And yummy for the gathered details that yells - Am i a cutie or what?

Go and have fun pairing it with leggings or your trusted pedal-pushers!
It will be simply lovely!

And what's more in store for you, it comes in two different colors that spell i-must-have-both!

Click to enlarge, beauties!

Be it the grey's anatomy color or the ugly betty orange (SOLD!), we do want you to have it both!

The Mod Tweed dress : RM 47
Size : Free Size

Shoulder: 36cm
Bust: 38cm
Back Waist Length: 80cm

What's for you?
No postage cost AT ALL!!

Be mod, be that mod tweed-ness now :)